Pondicherry Walls 1

Pondicherry has some great street art.  Hopefully this will be a regular feature here:

Here is my favorite:

A rather intense mural about war and violence:


Here’s the whole thing:


7 comments on “Pondicherry Walls 1

  1. Excellent! I wonder who the artists are, would be nice to know something about them? A great example of true artistic, self expression without the desire for money or fame attached to it. art for the sake of art. Thanks for sharing.

  2. David Boyk says:

    Great pix! Here’s one that I took: http://davidboyk.com/pix/v/travel/researchyear/michele/tamil-nadu/IMG_1536.JPG.html . I like how it’s halfway up the wall (presumably there was something there before).

  3. I. S. says:

    Don’t crop out that Buddha.

  4. I. S. says:

    The blindfold before the violence is more worrying. Perhaps his audience is full of Sinhalese śrāvakas. Quite topical, wouldn’t you say?

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