Tatānikeyam, or the Titanic

Finally the tale of mechanical hubris versus uncaring nature played out on the cold North Atlantic seas is available in Sanskrit verse (with English translation).

I first stumbled across this gem years ago.  I am sorry to say the mahākāvya-in-progress still only is available up to the second sarga.  The links are here:

First Sarga

Second Sarga

A CALL TO ACTION!  A professor of statistics in Florida has started the gargantuan labor himself.  I personally call upon all my Sanskrit nerd friends to translate their favorite moment in Titanic history into Sanskrit verse.  Post it here.  I’m serious.


3 comments on “Tatānikeyam, or the Titanic

  1. kendra says:

    that is very sad

  2. kendra says:

    becuse all those people died:)

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