Dirty Picture… errrr, carvings.

Ok.  This is ‘Not Safe For Work’ as they say.

Right on Tridevi Marg in Thamel, in the backpacker epicenter of Kathmandu,  there is a slightly beat up, slightly run down temple.    I must have walked by this temple dozens of times without giving it a second look—and why would you when there are the spectacular complexes in Durbar Square or Patan to look at.  Actually, I had never seen anyone paying any attention to the place.  While wandering around looking for an ATM I happened to look up.


Some are pretty run of the mill:

But others are a bit more creative:

…or perhaps we should say athletic:

There are also a few for those who prefer solitude:


I end with my personal favorite.  Is that corn?


2 comments on “Dirty Picture… errrr, carvings.

  1. […] Dirty Picture… errrr, carvings. […]

  2. Kevin says:

    I laughed at the corn one and cringed at the athletic one. So much hurtiness

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