A Boat Trip on Konsar Nag

At some point, Srivara, the court pandit and musician of Zayn ul-Abidin, accompanies the Sultan to the Kramasaras Lake (Konsar Nag) high in the Pir Pantsal range.  This lake was supposed to have been made by the footprint of Trivikrama Viṣṇu, so it’s only appropriate that during a boat trip, Srivara recites from Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda for the Sultan’s edification

When I sang the Sulṭān songs from the Gītagovinda, he became immersed in love for Kṛṣṇa upon hearing them, overcome with an indescribable sentiment (ko’pi rasaḥ).The soft tune struck up by both our voices resounded from the thickets [on the shore] as if repeated by celestial singers staying there, driven on by the dignity of the Sulṭān. In an instant, gods showered flowers in the semblance of snowfall upon the Sulṭān, skimming across the lake, as if pleased at his devotion.[1]

Here’s a picture of the snowy lake taken in the late fall of 1940.

[1] Gītagovindagītāni mattaḥ śrutavataḥ prabhoḥ |

Govindabhaktisaṃsikto rasaḥ ko ’py udabhūt tadā || 100 ||

kuñjapratiśruto mañjur gītanādas tadāvayoḥ |

anugīta ivātrasthaiḥ kiṃnarai rājagauravāt || 101 ||

kṣaṇaṃ saro’ntaś carato himavṛṣṭinibhād vibhoḥ |

bhaktiprītair ivonmuktaṃ devaiḥ kusumavarṣaṇam || 102 ||