End of the Year Favorites: Filastine £00T

I love end of the year lists, so I wanted to share things that I found especially amazing.  The album for me was Filastine’s £00T.  filastine_loot_frontcovercrop

I won’t write much about it, but it is jarring and beautiful, often managing to combine ideas in shockingly effective ways.  The two highlights for me were the Indonesian-influenced collaborations with Nova.

Here’s Colony Collapse:

I find the 2012 take on the Indonesian song Gendjer-Gendjer fascinating as well, which, as rumor has it, one hundred members of Gerwani (Indonesian Women’s Movement) sang and danced to as they killed six generals and threw them into a well during the failed 1960 Communist coup (read more here!).

Anyway, the whole album is worthwhile, although these two songs I found to be the most immediately accessible.  The album is demanding and its eclecticism can be a bit overwhelming, but give it a few listens.



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