But what does api really MEAN?!

I spent a regrettable portion of my early years reading Sanskrit completely avoiding particles.  Luckily, in Sanskrit there are relatively few enclitics to worry about.  The two most important are api and eva.  Eva is far easier, being restrictive it means something like “nothing but” or “only”.  Api is a far more difficult beast, taking on different flavors in different situations.  To help that out, I have developed a simple questionnaire to help decide what sort of api one might have on their hands.  I’m not going to say this chart will always work, but I think it will point folks in the right direction most of the time.

Without further ado, the Api chart !!!

Thanks KA for making the lovely tree diagram!

Next I’m going to make a Buzzfeed quiz:  Which Sanskrit Particle Are You? (The Answer May Shock You, Until I Got To The End, And I Was Devastated, Scroll Through To Change Everything About Your Life)