The Lenināmṛta, a Poetic Biography of Lenin in Sanskrit

I recently stumbled upon a fascinating piece of modern Sanskrit literary history in a library, the Lenināmṛta, a poetic biography of Lenin in Sanskrit.  It garnered a lot of interest when I wrote about it on Twitter, so I thought I should maybe just put the whole thing out here to generate more conversation.


The work is dedicated to “Sarasvati, the Divine Spirit of the ever-progressive and ever-unfordable eternal stream of knowledge and her sincere devotees of all time and all climes.”

I will probably write more on this in the future.

Thanks to IS for the pdf.



Tatānikeyam, or the Titanic

Finally the tale of mechanical hubris versus uncaring nature played out on the cold North Atlantic seas is available in Sanskrit verse (with English translation).

I first stumbled across this gem years ago.  I am sorry to say the mahākāvya-in-progress still only is available up to the second sarga.  The links are here:

First Sarga

Second Sarga

A CALL TO ACTION!  A professor of statistics in Florida has started the gargantuan labor himself.  I personally call upon all my Sanskrit nerd friends to translate their favorite moment in Titanic history into Sanskrit verse.  Post it here.  I’m serious.